Professional psychologists serve their corporate, agency, and individual clients most effectively when they can assist people in directing their own learning. Some critics may argue that transferring training responsibilities from the employer to the employee can create ethical and legal dilemmas
November 18, 2021
Select one of the following professional fields:Environmental or evolutionary psychologyForensic psychologyHealth or sports psychologyIndustrial/organizational or engineering psychology
November 18, 2021
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Week 6 discussion post | MPA593 Public Administration Applied Project | University of Phoenix

Q1: In this weeks readings we learned that a fundamental concept with policy analysis is continual monitoring and assessment of the results of the implanted recommendations to ensure that that policy is meeting intended objectives. How might you plan to implement monitoring and evaluating provisions to ensure the policy objectives are being met after a project is implemented?

Need in APA format. With at least 1 reference. 175 words minimum. 

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