May 9, 2020
interview someone at least 20 years older than you. The goal of the interview is to learn from the older adult what he or she believes has had the greatest influence in their development and what advice he or she can give you as someone younger.
May 9, 2020

What is healthcare system technology?

What is healthcare system technology?
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write on the following.

Healthcare system technology

(a) What is healthcare system technology?

(b) History of healthcare system technology in the USA.

(c) Electronic health records (EHR).

II Impact or benefits of Advancement in Technology on healthcare system

(A) Cost savings

(B) Reduced paperwork

(C) Rapid information sharing

(D) Reduced unnecessary test

III Challenges of Advancement of information technology on Healthcare system

(A) Safety and security

(B) Regulatory burden

About 4-5 pages and must include At least 5 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, each less than 10 years old


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