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I need help with my math discussions homework. Please do these exercises.
Exercise 8.1.95
Among various ethnic groups, the standard deviation of heights is known to be approximately three inches. We wish to construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean height of male Swedes. Forty-eight male Swedes are surveyed. The sample mean is 71 inches. The sample standard deviation is 2.8 inches. Calculate the error bound. What will happen to the level of confidence obtained if 1,000 male Swedes are surveyed instead of 48? Why?
Exercise 8.2.104 (using t-distribution)
In six packages of “The Flintstones® Real Fruit Snacks” there were five Bam-Bam snack pieces. The total number of snack pieces in the six bags was 68. We wish to calculate a 96% confidence interval for the population proportion of Bam-Bam snack pieces. Construct a 96% confidence interval for the population proportion of Bam-Bam snack pieces per bag and calculate the error bound.
Do you think that six packages of fruit snacks yield enough data to give accurate results? Why or why not?

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