June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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What is the view of General Billy Mitchell about ‘air power’?

Assignment Eight

Due April 7th, 2018

Please complete the followings and submit on the Blackboard/Assignment Eight by the due date:

a. Discuss at least one of the questions in the following Reading Guide

b. Discuss one Chapter Discussion question at the end of Chapter 15 or 16 of the textbook

c. Write an annotation video review from one of the short videos in Lecture 08 PPT. (You may write a review of another relevant video of your choice instead – please include link).

(i) summarize the main points covered in the video,

(ii) discuss your thoughts on this video regarding what you have learned and

(iii) comment on the quality of the video and presentation

Reading Guide

Chapter 15

1. Cite one or two examples of weapon development pertinent to the action and reaction cycle other than those in the textbook.

2. Research the historical impact of Greek phalanx. How was its power diminished?

3. Describe the relationship between military technology and the rise and decline of the feudal system in Europe. Discuss feudal system in other countries, such as: China, Japan, India, etc.

4. Research the history of gunpowder. What is the role of it in human history?

5. What is the role of tanks during WW II?

6. What is the view of General Billy Mitchell about ‘air power’?

7. What technological changes empowered the Era of the Battleship?

8. How did social revolution relate to warfare development?

9. Discuss historical and modern attempts to limit new weapons.

10. How terrorism may be prevented by new technologies?

Chapter 16:

1. Describe the key characteristics of cruise missiles. Cite their impact on global conflicts.

2. What is smart bomb? How are they different from cruise missiles? What are their limitations?

3. Research the development of the Discovery Project and its significance in surveillance.

4. Summarize the milestones of drone/UAV in terms of technology breakthroughs and applications.

5. Discuss the economic impact of technological sophistication.

6. What is asymmetrical warfare and their implications?

7. What is ‘dirty bomb’? Discuss its role in modern warfare.

8. What is IED? Cite their uses in global conflicts and strategies to diminish their impacts.

9. Discuss the differences between cyberterrorism and cyber-attack. Research strategies to minimize their significances.

10. What is your opinion of the remote-control warfare to resolve global conflicts?


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