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June 2, 2021
The quest for civil rights and civil liberties
June 2, 2021
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what stakeholders do 1

Hi please read the description thoroughly and see the questions below to help you better understand what you are going to do.

This assignment asks you to learn more about your stakeholders by reading news articles about them and the activities they do to improve their communities.

You will:

  1. Read TWO (2) news articles about your activities that one or both of your stakeholder organizations have done.
  2. Reflect on the activities in the news articles any way you like. Maximum word count 150 words.

If you need help reflecting, then think about these questions. To be clear, these are optional questions.

  • How are these activities improving/not improving their communities?
  • How could you sponsor similar activities on the USF campus?
  • Why do you think that organizations do these activities?


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