HRM Capstone 2
April 20, 2022
Corporate Responsibility and Society
April 20, 2022
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For this Discussion Question you will need to conduct some research on the topic “What is the future of Internet Publishing?” Read the case, “New York Times: Seeking Salvation within a Declining Industry” on page 619-629. As you are reading this case think about these questions:What are the pros and cons of Internet publishing?What is the impact of electronic publishing on the environment?Should newspaper and book publishers completely convert to electronic publishing over paper?The Wall Street Journal and others publish in both paper and electronic formats. Is this a success?Would you prefer this textbook and others in an electronic format?How would you prefer to read the book?What business model should publishers use to make money publishing on the Internet?Answer the following question:How can technology be used as a business strategy?  Does technology really mean computers?  Is there a larger definition associated with technology?


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