April 20, 2022
This assignment will focus on some of the stressors encountered by law enforcement officers. You will explore how these stressors affect police officers. Learning about the incidence and prevalence of
April 20, 2022
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Write a 500 word blog post on the article that I have attached

Blog post should be approximately 500 words
Writing style should be clear and accessible to non-specialists
Proper grammar and spelling used throughout, no contractions
A complete citation of the article should be included at the end of the post

general structure:

Explain the background for the specific questions the study researched and why the study was novel and important to molecular genetics – the introduction of the paper should help you determine this information.
Explain the general methods that were used to investigate the research questions (use past tense).
Finally, state what the author(s) of the study learned and its significance (use past tense). You should then explain why the findings are important in a way that a non-specialist can understand.

I have also attached an example of a blog post
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