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February 11, 2021
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Reflect on the different sociological theories and concepts you learned in this course. You will use critical thinking to evaluate those concepts and apply them to your work, home, and/or community life. You may draw from the readings, videos, lectures, discussions, and assignments to help you construct your paper.
Write a two-page reflection paper that addresses the following requirements:

Explain how sociological theories and concepts affect your work, home, and/or community life and influence your future learning opportunities.
Identify a minimum of two different sociological concepts or theories you learned from this course and explain how you will apply these sociological concepts or theories to your work, home, and/or community life.
Use specific sociological terms and concepts (I have attached the guides below with chapters and links)

Some examples of topics/concepts/theories that you can apply to your own life include (but are not limited to):

sociological imagination
sociological perspectives
elements of culture
breaking norms
the role of socialization
agents of socialization
theories of self
social structure
roles or status groups
social class
gender roles
perspectives on aging
life chances
social institutions’ (i.e., family, religion, education) role in society
social change
the environment
population dynamics

Create citations and a references list for all cited materials. Include a title page, and use 12-point font, double spacing, and one-inch margins for your paper.


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